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Joyce quip raises eyebrows

BARNABY Joyce's rogue tongue took a colourful turn yesterday when he startled colleagues by quipping that he and Tony Abbott didn't have a sexual relationship.


Be very careful, Prime Minister

Show them the money – if they lift their game

Phillip Hudson is right to suggest politicians should be paid a flat salary instead of having their pay augmented by obscure allowances ("End the salary circus and pay the pollies what they're worth”, September 25).

MPs' 3 per cent rise wins chilly response from wage-freeze workers

UNIONS have blasted a 3 per cent pay rise for politicians as a "slap in the face" for workers who took pay cuts to keep their jobs during the downturn and others who were hit by a freeze in the minimum wage.

Plenty of jobs going if all the unfaithful were to quit

IF EVERY person resigned after having an affair, "there would be a lot of empty offices", says a psychologist, Clif Evers.